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Watch the experiment’s video here.



Follow Inspiration has already developed the foundation technology for a wide range of autonomous robots which can be fully customized to customer needs. Our patented technology system is a self-driven robotics system that:

– Follows a specific user or else.

– Recognizes the user via image processing algorithms which will allow the robot to follow the user without the need for any additional equipment.

– Can move independently in an autonomous way.

– Is based on the latest technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping).


Our work plan will consist of:

– Implementing one robot as real environment test.

– Proposing a final product based on client’s feedback.

Nevertheless, we estimate that in order to see an improvement in speed and efficiency, multiple robots will need to be implemented to Sonae´s facility which is viable thanks to our system allowing multirobots communication.