Project Hashtag: #autotap-esmera



The Project AutoTAP (Automated Taping of Wire Harnesses) addresses the ESMERA-M.1 Challenge (Manufacturing – Wire Harness Assembly Task). It is a coordinated partnership of Spanish SME Rivas Robotics and the Research Centre CETEM.

The challenge is focused on the automation of the taping process of wire harnesses that it is currently performed by hand. It is expected to use collaborative robotics to combine the speed of human workers and the precision of robotics to enhance the current process and reduce the time spent for the taping part of the process while improving ergonomics. The robotic solution of this proposal will perform all the spot tapings of the wire harness assembly process which is being performed manually, while the worker performs only the positioning of the cable. It will reduce the processing time of the task and allow operators to work on two wire harnesses at the same time. The solution will impact on the ergonomic conditions of workers through a work environment that will remove the most tedious and repetitive tasks of the process. The results of this proposal will have a positive impact on companies dedicated to the production of wiring and the sectors to which they supply their products.


– Reduce the cycle time KPI of the actual taping process.

– Enhance the ergonomic characteristics of the process.

– Allow operator to work on two wire harnesses at the same time.

– Reduce the cost impact of the wire harness assembly process.

– Use collaborative approach to enhance the workplace without replacing humans.


– Cycle time: Reduce the time needed in positioning and taping of wire harnesses.

– Ergonomics: Measure and compare actual RULA value of the task with the automated process after the project is completed.