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Based on the Autonomous Robotic Platform for Agroforestry applications (ARPA), available to SVMAC, the SARA project will develop an intelligent robotic solution that will address the special operation needs in steep slope vineyards and corridors between 90 and 150 cms, equipped with an artificial intelligence system with computer vision and machine learning for the tailor-made treatments application to the vines, in a safe way for plants and also for workers (collaborative robotics) and assuring the total traceability of the operations carried out by means of their registration. SARA’s innovation lies both in the robotic platform (autonomous and/or remote operation, access to difficult areas) and the built-in artificial intelligence. The impact of the project, prompted by improving efficiency in the application of and automation of the process, is threefold: (i) economically: the reduction of costs; (ii) environmentally: less pollution; and (iii) healthily: less exposure of workers.