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Watch the experiment’s video here.


AMESON will deliver a holistic Information Technology framework that will reliably support the deployment of novel robotic technological solutions during an emergency, enabling automation in harsh and demanding environments and offering enhanced situational awareness. In essence, the AMESON platform will be a complete hardware-software solution implementing fast deployment and automated operation of an on-demand emergency communication network, which assists / supports / controls / interacts with fire robots and environmental devices. It will be composed by COTS and in-house prototype hardware modules, i.e. single-board-computers/micro-controllers, radio modems, sensing devices, peripherals, electronics and antennas, as well as software built upon open-source frameworks.


Three main technological innovations are planned:

– Rapid and autonomous deployment of wireless mesh/relay network nodes, for building –on-demand –, a reliable communications infrastructure covering the inspection area.

– Dynamic techniques for optimizing end-to-end network connectivity, link reliability and energy consumption, including transmission-level and networking-level mechanisms.

– An end-to-end IT platform implementing the necessary back-end and front-end functionalities for robotic and IoT-enabled devices along with an easy-to-use smartphone/tablet/PC-compatible user interface application for managing and real-time monitoring the whole system life-cycle.